Incite makes storytelling more captivating than ever.

We are committed to a future of entertainment where fans are no longer passive observers, but they Live. Play. Earn. within story-driven metaverses.

Check out the experience.

Stories are central to humanity but remain a linear one-way experience

Our time has arrived to change that.


Snapshot of Version 1.0

1.Epic audio storytelling

Listen anywhere to great stories containing clues you use online. Click to sample a clip. (Scene contains violence and naughty words)

screenshot of you have reached UK number
screen of forever social website screen of russian shadows website screen of forever has fallen message screen of fake message

2. Discover over 100 digital experiences

Navigate online escape rooms, interact with characters via messaging apps, and uncover hidden content.

3. Embrace the Bounty Hunter's quest.

Tackle challenges, collect rewards, and connect with your tribe.

screen of hunters lair website
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4. Blurring realities.

We delight fans by extending our stories into the real world. Future adventures await in AR and VR experiences.

You know the time has come to give fans more value.

In a world of multi-devices, increasing loneliness, regurgitated IP and Web3, a new way of producing stories sounds like it would have a pretty good shot of succeeding.


Our first production

You're a Bounty Hunter searching for the truth behind crimes against humanity, helping a tech billionaire on the run to prove his innocence.

Visit the FHF website

Meet the creative forces, brains and tech brawn.

Kimon Lycos

Kimon Lycos

Founder and CEO. He is the visionary behind Incite's storyworld metaverses, assembling a stellar team. Garnered a Webbie nomination for Forever Has Fallen, recognized as a top 5 digital project.

Tim Kring

Tim Kring

Acclaimed Hollywood Showrunner and creator of "Heroes," a global phenomenon with 150 million viewers. Honored with the Pioneer Prize Emmy Award® for digital storytelling excellence.

Sandy Climan

Sandy Climan

Media innovator and producer of "The Aviator," Sandy is also an advisor to The World Economic Forum, shaping the intersection of Hollywood and global media trends.

Alex Mitrovich

Alex Mitrovich

Alex stands at the forefront of business and technology, spearheading the development of an advanced NFT Chain for Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

Arsenii Medoev

Arsenii Medoev

Lead Developer & Architect with expertise in Polkadot Dapps, metaverse integration, and the Hunter's Lair fan management platform.

Maria Matyushina

Maria Matyushina

Engineering Director, specialized in Polkadot, who developed Unique Network - the first custom parachain for NFTs on Polkadot and Kusama, catering to NFT collections, royalties, and marketplaces.

Hello! We have made some friends on the way.

Our team has transformed the application of Web3 technology, creating a pioneering ticketing system that triples fan engagement and sets new benchmarks in minting for an exceptional fan experience.

Unique Network Logo

We chose Polkadot for its interoperability, robust community, and security - key pillars for our platform. With ample infrastructure in place, our focus shifts to user creation and engagement.

polkadot Logo

Our team has greatly benefited from the incubator program, gaining invaluable knowledge and forging new friendships globally.

relayers Logo

Echoing the prestige of the Academy Awards, but for the digital realm, we're honored to be nominated as a top 5 project worldwide in 2021.

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Our ethos for transforming entertainment.

  • Our credo is that stories must captivate, jolt, and leave you yearning for more.
  • We believe in a novel dimension of enjoyment where living, playing, and earning within metaverses becomes second nature, blurring lines with the tangible world.
  • We champion open IP, empowering fans to express their passion and reap rewards by crafting for the community.
  • At our core, we place fans, striving relentlessly to amaze and thrill them in every encounter.
  • Crypto economies ought to be constructed collaboratively, with their communities at the heart.
  • We empower super fans with governance rights within our DAO, allowing them to steer the productions they're passionate about.
  • The integration of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain services is driven by real value and utility. Our model is designed to prioritize and deliver unparalleled fan value.